thin «thihn», adjective, thin|ner, thin|nest, adverb, verb, thinned, thin|ning, noun.
1. with little space from one side to the opposite side; not thick: »

a thin book, thin paper, thin wire. The ice on the pond is too thin for skating.

SYNONYM(S): narrow, slim, attenuated.
2. having little flesh; slender; lean: »

a thin person.

3. not set close together; scanty: »

a thin stand of timber, thin foliage. He has thin hair.

4. not dense; not rich in oxygen; rarefied: »

The air on the top of those high mountains is thin.

5. few and far apart; not abundant: »

The actors played to a thin audience.

SYNONYM(S): sparse.
6. like water; not like glue or syrup; not as thick as usual: »

a thin soup, thin milk. The gravy is too thin.

7. not deep or strong: »

a shrill, thin voice.

8. having little depth, fullness, or intensity: »

a thin color, thin applause.

9. Figurative. a) without body; not strong of its kind; of low alcoholic strength; weak: »

thin liquor.

b) not full or rich; meager: »

a thin diet.

10. Figurative. easily seen through; flimsy: »

It was a thin excuse that satisfied no one.

11. Photography. relatively transparent, usually as a result of being underexposed or underdeveloped: »

a thin negative.

12. Obsolete. scarce; rare; few.
1. in a thin manner; thinly.
2. Obsolete. in a poor or sparing manner.
1. to make thin or thinner: »

Hunger had thinned her cheeks.

2. to make less crowded or close by removing individuals: »

to thin a row of beets.

1. to become thin or thinner: »

The smoke clouds were thinning away (Rudyard Kipling).

2. a) (of a place) to become less full or crowded. b) (of a crowd) to become less numerous.
1. something which is thin: »

The forms have tentatively been christened thins (New Scientist).

2. the thinnest part: »

in the thin of things.

wear thin,
[Old English thynne]
thin´ly, adverb.
thin´ness, noun.
Synonym Study adjective.2 Thin, lean, gaunt mean having little flesh. Thin, neither favorable nor unfavorable in connotation, suggests lack of the normal or usual amount of flesh: »

She has a thin face.

Lean, favorable in connotation, suggests lack of fat: »

The Olympic swimmer is lean and tanned.

Gaunt, unfavorable in connotation, suggests a bony, starved, or worn look: »

Gaunt, bearded men stumbled into camp.

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